Reflections .. Testimonials

I have been a witness to the growth and development of MAHAGAMI under the leadership of Parwati Dutta. It is praiseworthy that Parwati Dutta started her work in this place and introduced Classical dance with its gravity, depth and values. I specially admire the Gurukul culture which she instilled among her disciples and the awareness that she was able to generate over a period of time. I found a sincere feeling of learning and assimilating the nuances of an art in the Gurukul. The spirit to keep learning and understanding and being in close association with Gurus and 'vidvaans' is worth admiring. I particularly appreciate Parwati's research-oriented work on Dhrupad and Pakhawaj and its application in Kathak. The aesthetic appeal of her rendition and inculcating these details in her disciples through involved training is noteworthy. The training imparted to her shishyas not just includes teaching lessons but giving them an insight and inculcating the right perspective towards Indian classical dance and its aesthetics. With each visit to Aurangabad, I see a growing level of interest and awareness among the masses.I like the Gurukul atmosphere which is truly in line with the Guru-shishya parampara and the premises has a positive energy for training, creation and practice. The asymmetrical pathways punctuated by cozy cottages are like 'vridaavan' and evoke a peaceful ambiance. What is most important is the positive and devotional feeling with which the artistic work is continuing here. The credit for all these developments indeed goes to Parwati Dutta for having created an isolated yet beautiful world which was once an unexplored land.

Padmavibhushan Pt. Birju Maharaj
Kathak Maestro & Guru

It is a greatly satisfying feeling to know and witness Parwati Dutta's untiring efforts to sow and nurture the sapling of our classical arts. The result is for all to see.. a mammoth task as this requires great perseverance, conviction and strength of character. She has furthered the mission that my father Pt Vinayachandra Maudgalya had envisioned. My best wishes for her continuing efforts and success.

Madhavi Mudgal
Renowned Odissi Exponent & Guru, Recepient of Padmashri & Sangeet Natak Akademi Award